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Basic Linux Systems Administration 

Program & Module

Program Description

This series of hands-on lab exercises are intended to support the course in Linux Systems Administration. These labs focus on the basic knowledge need to install, configure, and troubleshoot a Linux server. At the end of these exercises, students will be able to configure a web server and file server using the Linux command line. The labs can be utilized to build on each other to emphasize panning and design or run individually to learn a single concept.

There are no prerequisites for this series of exercises. Knowledge of basic network communications is encouraged.

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Linux OS Installation

This lab guides the student through the installation process of CentOS7 Linus

Working with Linux Files and Directories 

This lab introduces the Linux file system structure and guides the user through create and managing directories and files with the CLI

Linux Software Management

This lab guides students through the different methods of installing and configuring software on a Linux system.

Samba File Server and Apache Web Services

In this lab, students will learn the basic steps needed to configure a Samba File Server and Apache Web server on a Linux system. ​​​​​​​

Introduction to Linux OS

This lab guides the student through the Linux GUI and introduces basic navigational commands in the CLI

Linux User, Groups and Permissions

This lab introduces students to user and group management on a Linux system. Linux file permissions are also covered.

Linux Disks, Processes, and Services

This lab covers topics in disk management, process management, service management, and task scheduling.

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