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Cybersecurity Awareness PSA's

Cybersecurity Awareness

Public Service Announcements

Program Description

This is a collection of short-format Public Service Announcement (PSA) videos are designed to introduce viewers to a variety of topics in Cybersecurity Awareness. 


Found USB Devices

Reasons why you should insert a USB drive you found. 

How To Protect Your Data Online

Here are a few things you can do to protect your data online. 

Changing Default Settings for Networked Devices

Learn about the importance of changing default settings on devices attached to a network. 

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

Learn how to check your own credit information to help prevent identity theft. 

Avoiding Phishing Attacks

Learn how phishing attacks work and how you can teach yourself to resist being a victim. 

Strong Passwords

How can words from popular songs be used to help create strong passwords?

Knowing if your Email is Compromised

How to see if your email address has been 'pwned' or owned by hackers. 


Learn about Cybermindfulness and how it can help turn your system users from passive targets. 

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