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Each quarter, OCRI-RPC liaisons report their ongoing efforts to disseminate to their respective regions and develop a diverse catalog of programming, curriculum, and other exercises and assessment tools. 

See the efforts reported by the University of Dayton below.
Quarter 2, 2021 Report
  1. Activities

    1. Developing requirements for Range Cyber Portfolio

    2. More Cybermindfulness educational materials, nearing completion in Fall

    3. Dayton range re-configuration

    4. Developing Security Operations Center Simulator on Dayton Range, including documentation & user manual

    5. Portfolio package evaluation

    6. Faculty Fellowship association with Cedarville (Danny Robinson & Phoebe Tsai)

    7. Working with UD Research Institute & Defense Acquisition University to share curriculum and collaborate

  2. Outcomes

    1. Student Senior project team developed requirements & evaluated vendors

    2. Cybermindfulness framework complete; exercises & educational materials being prepared

    3. Progress on range re-configuration

    4. Range up and running (being used by at least one class)

    5. Continuing to seek local interests and engagements

  3. Planning

    1. Additional PSA announcements for Cybermindfulness

    2. Additional training & modules for Cybermindfulness

    3. Center grand opening in Fall

    4. CAE proposal

  4. Questions, Concerns, Roadblocks, Requests

    1. Configuration matching issues mostly resolved

    2. Outreach on campus remains challenging

    3. Zero-cost extension not yet resolved

  5. Metrics & Impact

    1. 10 cyber-related classes at UD

    2. 10-15 enrolled on average

    3. One of the courses did assignments/exercises on the Dayton Regional Cyber Range

    4. Participated in Governor’s Task Force meeting on 5G

    5. 4 appearances in Dayton area media for UD-CCDI since March meeting

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