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Introducation to Ethical Hacking

Programs & Modules

Program Description

This series of hands on lab exercises are intended to provide a survey of basic Ethical Hacking tools and techniques. Within a simulated network, students will learn to locate and exploit vulnerabilities on various network systems. Student will also learn the skills to create and execute their own exploits and malicious binary programs. Each lab can be run independently. ​​​​​​​

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This lab is an introduction to tools and techniques used in Open Source Intelligence Gathering

Vulnerability Scanning and Exploitations

In this lab, students will run a vulnerability assessment and use the information gathered to exploit publicly known vulnerabilities

Password Cracking

In this lab, students with learn basic tools for cracking passwords on a Windows and Linux system

Exploit Development 

In this lab, students will learn to write a simple fuzzing application in python, the use it to develop a new exploitable in an application

Port Scanning

This lab is an Introduction to the Metasploit Framework and network scanning reconnaissance

Packet Analysis and Sniffing

In this lab, students will learn how to analyze network packets to gather information, then execute a man-in-the-middle attack to intercept traffic between two hosts

Web Application Vulnerabilities 

In this lab, students will learn to test for vulnerabilities, intercept traffic, and exploit web applications

Creating Malicious Binaries

This lab introduces the tools and concepts needed to develop malicious software binaries

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