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Each quarter, OCRI-RPC liaisons report their ongoing efforts to disseminate to their respective regions and develop a diverse catalog of programming, curriculum, and other exercises and assessment tools. 

See the efforts reported by The Ohio State University below.
Quarter 2, 2021 Report
  1. Institute for Cybersecurity and Digital Trust (ICDT) held its All-Hands Calls on 27 & 28 May and the Town Hall on 3 June. Link to the slide presentation and a video of the event can be found here -

  2. The following individual sessions were facilitated to develop a way forward for ICDT and the Ohio Cybersecurity Initiative for Mobility and Manufacturing (OCIMM)

    1. Ohio State Cyber Range, Ted Allen and Bob Pardee 

    2. Outreach, Engagement & Events, Julia Armstrong and Helen Patton 

    3. Mobility & Manufacturing, Vimal Buck and Qadeer Ahmed 

    4. Curricular Programs, Eylem Ekici 

    5. Industry Engagement, Mark Bartman, Don Boian and Julia Armstrong 

    6. Human Dynamics and Misinformation Spread, Duane Wegener 

    7. Full Stack Security, ZQ Lin and Waleed Khalil

  3. Professional on-line master’s degree in Cybersecurity has been approved and will be offered Fall ’21. See slide 21 from the Town Hall PDF for specifics

  4. Ohio State Cybersecurity programs are going through a review process with the addition of a new EVP of Research and Dean of the College of Engineering

  5. Cyber Range Main objective(s) for FY22

    • Ted Allen and Bob Pardee will lead some workshops on the OCR.

    • The 3 laboratories will be tested, improved, and shared through the cyber range (0-2-Hero, ThreatGen Exercises, and ICS-ICS Cyber).

    • At least 4 courses at OSU will regularly use some range materials in training 

    • 2 NSF Secure & Trustworthy Cyberspace EDU proposals

  6. University of Akron

    1. K12 Cyber Programs for Educators – Building Your Cyber Club Workshop

    2. Northern Ohio InfraGard Cyber Camp 2.0, July 26-30

      1. Link to the  UA, BW, and Ohio InfraGard Chapter Cyber Camp

    3. Cyber Camp Lake Erie Council Scouts

    4. Planning Training Programs

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