4th Annual Cybersecurity Education Symposium
Hosted by the Ohio Cyber Range Institute

Date: October 12th, 2022
Location: Digital Futures Building at the University of Cincinnati

Engage and collaborate with fellow Ohio Cybersecurity educators, experts, and leaders. Take part in discussions, gain access to resources, and learn from industry leaders. The 4th Annual Cybersecurity Education Symposium will take place in person on October 12th, 2022. Register today below!


Fourth Annual Cybersecurity Education Symposium
October 12th, 2022

Register here:  https://bit.ly/3c3DWDO

The Ohio Cyber Range Institute (OCRI) improves cybersecurity for citizens of Ohio. Sponsored by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, the Ohio Adjutant General's Department office of the Ohio National Guard, and headquartered at the University of Cincinnati, the OCRI supports collaborative cybersecurity programs across Ohio. The goal of the OCRI is to advance an integrated approach to cybersecurity education, workforce, and economic development in cyber-related fields throughout the state. OCRI-Regional Programming Centers (OCRI-RPCs) across the state manage the Ohio Cyber Range (OCR), and provide technical expertise, research, industry engagement and educational resources for K12, Higher Education, and Workforce Development in cybersecurity. The OCRI serves as a central collaboration platform for Cybersecurity educators across Ohio.
Symposium Breakout Session Sneak Peak
This year, the Symposium theme will be “Building A Collaborative Cybersecurity Community", with presentations in the following categories:
  • K12 Education Support 

    • Instructional Workshops on teaching cybersecurity and/or using the OCR in the K12 classroom 

    • Panels on classroom experiences, cyber clubs, or cyber exercises 

    • Sessions on best practices in K12 cyber education 


  • Higher Education Development and Research

    • Instructional Workshops on developing cybersecurity curriculum

    • Panels on experiences with cybersecurity centers and cyber exercises

    • Sessions on research conducted in cybersecurity education


  • Industry Engagement & Workforce Development

    • Instructional Workshops in developing and delivering training or certifications

    • Panels on experiences in Industry needs and best practices for workforce development

    • Sessions on effective employment models, internships/Co-Op, and Industry/Educational partnerships


  • Open Submissions

    • Other topics that align with the OCRI Mission & Vision