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Benefits of Training Participation


OCRI staff and the Ohio Cyber Reserve deliver the education and

training, conduct National Institute of Standards and Technology

(NIST) assessments and inventories, coordinate tabletop exercises

and after action reviews, and provide continuous mentorship and guidance to local entities. Services are provided free of charge to governments regardless of their familiarity with cybersecurity methods.


1.  Comprehensive Workforce Training

Through enrollment in O-PCI, your organization will gain access to current and comprehensive training for all employees, spanning from front-line personnel to executives.

2.  Advanced Training for IT Professionals and Executives

As your organization advances within O-PCI, IT professionals will collaborate closely with members of the Ohio Cyber Reserve and O-PCI experts to address specific vulnerabilities within your organization's cybersecurity framework. Executives will receive tailored training to enhance their understanding of the liabilities and risk management components inherent in their organization's cybersecurity framework.

3.  Assessment of Cyber Resilience Through Simulation Exercises

O-PCI prioritizes education, offering both in-person and virtual training. Subsequently, your organization will participate in live exercises designed to evaluate staff's capacity to effectively manage realistic and probable cyber threats.


4.  Join an Exclusive Network of Peer Organizations Statewide

Upon completion of O-PCI modules, your IT and executive leadership teams will receive invitations to join an alumni network comprised of staff members from Ohio Counties who have undergone the same training, facilitating

real-time knowledge exchange with your peers.

Facilitating the advancement of cybersecurity education in local governements.

For additional information about the Ohio Persistent Cyber Improvement program, please connect using the Contact Us button below.

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