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Bootcamps - Cyber Exercises

By creating Cybersecurity education opportunities for student and adult learners, and connecting academic and industry researchers, the Ohio Cyber Range Institute creates a state-wide network of talented professionals who will be prepared to fill industry jobs throughout the state. 

In the Summer of 2020, the OCRI shifted priorities to support workforce development through online bootcamps aligned with in demand industry recognized certifications. The team leveraged the faculty and instructional design teams to develop collegiate level programs to prepare students not only to pass the certification exams but also to develop the hands-on skills to immediately be workforce ready. In this past year, this model was further refined and additional bootcamps were developed to meet increasing skillset demands. The bootcamps are a part of a pathway to reskill and upskill adults to enter the cybersecurity workforce without previous experience.  

The primary focus within workforce development is to give opportunity to citizens through Bootcamps and Cyber Exercises.


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