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OCRI's new Ohio Persistent Cyber Improvement (O-PCI) program

offers FREE cybersecurity training for all local government entities.


Why the Need?

As government services increasingly rely on digital platforms, the risk of cyberattacks has dramatically expanded. 

The need for cybersecurity training goes beyond protecting sensitive data; it's about maintaining public trust and ensuring the continuity of critical public services to the state’s nearly 12 million residents.

About the O-PCI Training

The educational program guides Ohio local government entities through three cybersecurity preparedness levels. Each level of training consists of a five-step process for cybersecurity advancement: education, training, exercising, mentoring, and improvement. OCRI staff and the Ohio Cyber Reserve deliver the education and training, conduct National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) assessments and inventories, coordinate tabletop exercises and after action reviews, and provide continuous mentorship and guidance to local entities. Services are provided free of charge to governments regardless of their familiarity with cybersecurity methods.

The O-PCI History

In 2023, the Ohio Cyber Range Institute (OCRI) received a grant originating from the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to scale its capacities to support Ohio's local governments in every corner of the state, with a particular emphasis on underserved rural areas. 


For additional information about the Ohio Persistent Cyber Improvement program, please connect using the Contact Us  button below.

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