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Serving Ohio’s Public Servants  

We offer free cybersecurity training for all  local government entities. Ohio's local government entities provide critical services to the state’s nearly 12 million residents. In 2023, OCRI received a grant originating from the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to scale its capacities in order to support these local governments in every corner of the state, with a particular emphasis on underserved rural areas. 


Register your Local Ohio Government Entity for Ohio Persistent Cyber Improvement training. Click the link to sign up: O-PCI Registration for Local Government Entities

OCRI’s new Ohio Persistent Cyber Improvement (O-PCI) program guides Ohio local government entities through three cybersecurity preparedness levels. Each level will consist of a five-step process for cybersecurity advancement: education, training, exercising, mentoring, and improvement.

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  Photo of Gov. DeWine speaking

“The O-PCI program is a significant step forward for Ohio,” said Governor DeWine. “The threat of cyberattacks is increasing every year, and we must give our local partners the training and support they need to protect themselves from cyber criminals.”


Read the Governor's Press Release on OPCI


OCRI staff and the Ohio Cyber Reserve deliver the education and training, conduct National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) assessments and inventories, coordinate tabletop exercises and after action reviews, and provide continuous mentorship and guidance to local entities. Services are provided free of charge to governments regardless of their familiarity with cybersecurity methods.










Benefits of Participation


1.  Comprehensive Workforce Training

                  a.Through enrollment in O-PCI, your organization will gain access to current and comprehensive training for all                                              employees, spanning from front-line personnel to executives.

2.  Advanced Training for IT Professionals and Executives

                  a. As your organization advances within O-PCI, IT professionals will collaborate closely with members of the Ohio Cyber                               Reserve and O-PCI experts to address specific vulnerabilities within your organization's cybersecurity framework.

                  b. Executives will receive tailored training to enhance their understanding of the liabilities and risk management                                             components inherent in their organization's cybersecurity framework.

3.  Assessment of Cyber Resilience Through Simulation Exercises

                   a. O-PCI prioritizes education, offering both in-person and virtual training. Subsequently, your organization will participate                            in live exercises designed to evaluate staff's capacity to effectively manage realistic and probable cyber threats.


4.  Join an Exclusive Network of Peer Organizations Statewide

                   a. Upon completion of O-PCI modules, your IT and executive leadership teams will receive invitations to join an alumni                                network comprised of staff members from Ohio Counties who have undergone the same training, facilitating real-time                             knowledge exchange with your peers.

If you have questions or would like additional information about the Ohio Persistent Cyber Improvement program, please click the “Contact Us” link below”

From the Nation’s Leaders in Cybersecurity

OCRI leadership have served as fellows at US Cyber Command, led cyber exercises in the military, and have trained hundreds of Ohioans on cybersecurity. At University of Cincinnati, Dr. Richard Harknett helped pioneer the concept of “cyber persistence theory,” which has informed US National Security policy and serves as the foundation of O-PCI’s educational philosophy.


Persistent cyber improvement is an ongoing, dynamic process that adapts to the evolving threat landscape. By continuously assessing and improving their cybersecurity measures, organizations can reduce their risk of cyberattacks and minimize the potential impact of security incidents.


Learn more about cyber persistence

O-PCI is funded and supported by the following organizations
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If you have questions or would like additional information about the Ohio Persistent Cyber Improvement program, please click the “Contact Us” link below”

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