OCRI in the News

SolarWinds: The Need for Persistent Engagement

It’s been a little over a week since news broke of a strategic cyber campaign to exploit the update download of the SolarWinds Orion system administration software. Despite public appetite for concrete information, analysis of the exploit itself should be...

2020 In Review

2020 is a year that most of us are eager to put behind us and try to forget. Yet, to borrow from the words of Charles Dickens, the pandemic revealed to us both the worst and the best.

Pandemic Spurring Hackers this Black Friday

Black Friday shoppers should beware this year because, as the pandemic drives more shoppers toward online shopping, it also provides more opportunities for hackers digging for information they can steal.

Cedarville developing cyber resources for state of Ohio

Being named a Regional Programming Center for the OCRI means that Cedarville University will now be is now developing resources to teach the next generation to enter the cyber security workforce.

UC hosts virtual Cybersecurity Education Symposium

The Ohio Cyber Range Institute (OCRI) unveiled its network of Regional Programming Centers at the second annual Cybersecurity Education Symposium, held virtually Oct. 14 and hosted by the University of Cincinnati.

EdTech: Ohio Cyber Range at UC powers IT education

The next generation of information technology professionals are getting prepared for real-world attacks in a safe virtual environment at the University of Cincinnati

New cybersecurity range at UC will teach quick response to cyber threats

A new cyber range unveiled on Tuesday at the University of Cincinnati will become a virtual training ground for students, emergency responders and business leaders to learn how to defend against cyberattacks.

University Cyber Ranges Immerse Students in Cybersecurity Education

Imagine going with your coworkers to an offsite meeting with your CEO. You’re all taken to a room containing rows of computers, with large screens displaying your company’s logo on the walls. Your CEO walks in with a chilling announcement: Your company’s been hacked, and you’re losing data by the minute.