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Cyber Range

About The Ohio Cyber Range

The Ohio Cyber Range (OCR) is a secure virtual environment that provides a range of network sites for cybersecurity training, technology development, and testing. The OCR is used by schools, governments, and businesses for competitions, training, and exercises to improve emergency preparedness and cyber incident response capabilities. 

The OCR is part of the Ohio Cyber Range Institute (OCRI), a statewide network that supports cybersecurity programs across Ohio. The OCRI is housed at the University of Cincinnati and has range sites at the University of Cincinnati and the University of Akron. 

The OCRI provides virtual lab environments for students and teachers, with access to cybersecurity education programs, modules, and lessons categorized based on the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework. The OCRI also offers informal and formal engagements with high school students, teachers, and districts, including introductory and intermediate camps and workshops. 

Range Access

The OCR is available for use in K-12, Higher Ed, Adult Education classes, workshops, camps, and other trainings. The OCR needs to be requested well in advance of use so that resources can be scheduled appropriately and your lab environment can be built and tested. 

To get started, use the buttons below to learn about the process of gaining access to the Ohio Cyber Range and then request access to the range, where you can use the resources to teach a class or gain access to the Cyber Library and its many educational resources. 

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