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Improve Cybersecurity Education, Workforce and Economic Development

Close the cybersecurity skills gap, build a strong workforce pipeline, and strengthen the economy and security of Ohio.


Facilitate the advancement of cybersecurity education, workforce, and economic development throughout the state of Ohio. Leveraging an ecosystem of significant intellectual power and institutional capacity, OCRI develops and delivers original, high quality educational material, exercises, and training to Ohio citizens regardless of age, educational background, or experience in cyber research.


Our Impact Journey

1018* Classes 
Higer Ed-607| K12-293
IRC Bootcamps-2
5| Cyber Exercises-55|

Camps & Seminars-38

Over 20,561* Cyber Citizen users

Over 220* Instructors

46* Counties Impacted

Distributed & Integrated: A Whole State Solution


The OCRI represents a distinct model of how state-wide action can improve security in cyberspace. The OCRI integrates, empowers, and enables across three missions of education, workforce, and economic development.


The OCRI facilitates and coordinates the creation and delivery of tailored scalable programming through an ecosystem of designated RPCs. This model produces a significant return on investment leveraging existing expertise across the state to reduce unnecessary duplication of effort while enhancing outcomes through strategic coordination. 

Download our full capability statement here:

Know more about each our missions below:

Computer Class

Exploring informal and formal engagements with high school students, teachers, and districts, the OCRI provides virtual lab environments for both formal high schools and introductory and intermediate camps and workshops for both students and teachers. 

Education modules have been developed to support instructors which include learning resources and labs that utilize the Ohio Cyber Range virtual environment. 

Workforce Development

The Ohio Cyber Range Institute aims to build pathways for adult learners, including veterans and non-degree seeking individuals, to gain access to cybersecurity education opportunities. 

Through events such as the OCRI Cyber Security Bootcamp, adult learners have the opportunity to earn certificates such as CompTIA Network+/Security+ in short-term programs. 

Computer Learning
Economic Development

The Ohio Cyber Range Institute supports formal courses, student groups, student research, as well as industry and academic research. 

In 2019, the Ohio Cyber Range hosted 49 college courses and engaged more than 1,200 students through advanced lab modules. 



Annual Report 2023

The OCRI is pleased to present to you its 2023 annual report demonstrating its statewide strategies, partnerships, and programs to secure the future of our state and unlock its potential.

Executive Committee Partners

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Contact Us

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